Heinrich Filter Art

Sculpture in Bronze

Private Commission – Bespoke Sculptural Candlesticks in cast bronze

She likes blue butterflies and they both love the new kitten – I enjoyed making this for you and wish you guys lots of romantic candlelit moments.  To discuss your bespoke piece, get in touch me on: contact@heinrichfilterart.co.za or via WhatsApp at + 27 (0) 76 5979 688 www.heinrichfilterart.co.za#artcollector #bronzeart #bronzelamp #bronzelighting #butterflies #candlestick #candelabra #catlovers #décor #design […]

Black Dog Foundry – lost wax method of casting

My Black Dog Foundry – where I do my bronze casting of sculptures and bespoke furniture & lighting in cast bronze.  Using the lost wax method of bronzing this ancient process breathes life into molten bronze of 1200° C. Each piece is sculpted and also cast, chased, patinated and finished individually by hand by myself. […]

The Young Maasai Girl – a story in bronze

Adorned in traditional attire, intricately sculpted beads cascade around her neck, a testament to her heritage and lineage. Timelessly elegant, the bronze sculpture embodies the rich cultural tapestry of Africa. The simple patterns etched into her attire tell stories of tradition and history, each line and curve a tribute to the resilience of her people, […]

You dream it, and I’ll create it.

I can transform your ideas into stunning bronze art pieces that will take pride of place in your home, lodge, or hotel. Your imagination is the only limit. Following your vision and specifications I make furniture, lighting, and interior decor in cast bronze. Well-known for my eye for detail and multi-skilled meticulous craftsmanship you are […]

Going on a journey . . . .

Ready for delivery – two giraffe table lamps in cast bronze. Sturdy crates for international shipping. For lamps and candlesticks in different sizes and motifs to complement your interior please contact me to discuss your requirements. All my furniture and lamps are unique and handmade using the lost wax method.  These lamps are 45 cm […]

The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.

As a former safari guide, I believe strongly in conservation. It is our duty to protect the wildlife that we share our planet with; to conserve the biodiversity that makes our world so magical. I’ve started creating pieces that communicate this vision: a world where we co-exist peacefully with animals. Each miniature bronze is exclusively […]